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Classics are back in Style

Classics are back in style
Shannon Huren

If I were to tell you that in 2018 one the most popular and profitable brands out right now would be Champion would you believe me?  Well Hanesbrands saw sales climb 2 percent in the third quarter ended Sept. 30, to $1.80 billion, returning to organic sales growth, for the first time in eight quarters. The rise was driven primarily by double-digit international segment growth. On the international front, net sales increased 16 percent and operating profit increased 25 percent for the International segment in the third quarter. Results were mainly driven by the high demand of Champion and brand growth in Europe and Asia (
Hanesbrands Inc. Stock

 Champion apparel was everywhere in the 90’s and was a very popular in sportswear. Champion produced uniforms for all the NBA teams during the 1990s, and some NFL teams during the 1980s and 1990s. It has also produced sportswear for many major colleges.Champion was also the kit manufacturer of the Olympic basketball team also known as the “Dream Team”  that competed at the 1992 Summer Olympics.  Even at the time when there was only a fraction of the number of clothing brands that there are now, there weren't many labels that had Champion's insane demographic reach. It was the uniform for jocks and preps, but also for skaters and hip-hop heads. Champion was all over the hardcore punk scene, but it was just as popular among jam band fans.

Then the hype died down drastically Champion went from being one of the hottest brands out to being a Walmart brand. During the early 2000’s to just recently Champion was known to most as an afterthought. A brand that was really only bought in stores like Walmart or Target something cheap and lacking in quality.  Champion was and still is being sold in Walmart or Target however, the newer Champion gear is completely separated from the Walmart lines.

One key element in the brand's comeback has been Champion’s way of capturing the eyes of the quote on quote “Hypebeasts” as well as the causal shopper. Champion has done that with a barrage of headline-grabbing  collections with a broad range of collaborators, from Supreme to Vetements even brands like A Bathing Ape,and Wood Wood. These major collabs not only kept Champion's name in everyone's mouth, but also highlighted the brand's versatility. 

Nowadays Champion is at the forefront of 90’s nostalgia within fashion.  In a quote from Manny Martinez (Champion’s global brand ambassador) he said, “I think we're in a golden hour. The brand doesn't actually need collabs right now. Not that we don't appreciate them, but now is when the brand can live on its own. When you see Kylie Jenner wearing the brand on her own, it's not because it's a collab. You see people wearing it because it's Champion. That's the beauty of it."

Champion is a brand that’s seen it’s fair share of highs and lows over the years. However, it’s hard to understate the phenomenal comeback of this brand. There comeback is something that brands looking to resurrect or emerge in the fashion scene need to look and model their approach after Champion. Don’t be surprised if you see Champion continue to succeed and prosper in the fashion industry.
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  1. I have noticed this increase in popularity in my own life. Many of my friends, including me, have started wearing Champion more as a fashion brand. Years ago, however, Champion was almost considered generic. As the number of "hypebeasts" rise, the brand is becoming more popular. Not only this, but they are able to raise the prices due to the increased demand. A sweatshirt that might have been 20 dollars 7 years ago is now going in PacSun for 50 dollars.

  2. It's crazy how Champion was able to make clothing that appealed to all lifestyles and personality. The simple design doesn't stand out much to clothing brands such as Supreme or Vetements, like you mentioned, but they still find a way to sell their product. I think part of the reason Champion is coming back in style is because some teenagers in the 2010's are strangely drawn to the culture of the 90's. Nobody can really explain what the huge breakout is in the appeal of Champion, but they are for sure making a comeback.

  3. This article grabbed my attention because recently, many brands have been making major comebacks to top the charts. Not only Champion, but Adidas has also came back in style since being beat out by Nike for so many years. In today’s society, the old “throwback” items and brands are becoming more and more trendy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if even more made a comeback. As you said in the first paragraph, I am assuming that Champion and many other brands are bringing in a lot more sales and revenue as of late, and I wouldn’t expect these numbers to drop as long as these brands keep up with the latest trends.

  4. I think this was a really fascinating post because I always find it interesting when old trends make a comeback out of nowhere. Overall, I think you did well on explaining how the comeback was made possible and what it evolved from, however, if I could recommend one thing it would be to compare it to other major brands that are doing less well as a result of this shift. For example Nike, since business is being taken away from it and attention is being brought elsewhere.

  5. I never truly understood why Champion was able to comeback after becoming a Walmart brand. Seeing that the collaborations was why is interesting. I’m just curious as to how they got high end brands such as Supreme and A Bathing Ape to do clothing collaborations. Even now, I still don’t see anything special about Champion. It’s has to more with that I don’t like the brand’s style and less with to do what my preconceived notion. I don’t see anything special about Champion.

  6. It suprised me that the brand is still out their. That they partnered with other big companies.

  7. This post was very interesting because it made me remember being young and shopping at Walmart with my mom and seeing the champion sweatshirts and not even thinking twice about buying it because of how walmart-y it was, so when I started seeing it in stores like Urban Outfitters and other big, expensive stores, I was really surprised, especially when I saw the price tag. Those things are expensive now and I think that's really cool that they made such a successful comeback.

  8. I agree that Champion is making a huge come back along with many other 90s trends. Champion is doing a great job at using this sudden interest in there apparel and taking advantage of it. My hope is that Champion stays a known brand and they don't get pushed to the side again like they were after their run in the 90s.

  9. This blog totally caught my eye because I was just wondering about this the other day in econ class. I totally remember when Champion was one of those brands that you kind of felt cheap wearing. It was all over Walmart and Target and reminded me of my grandpa. Now, I can't even afford the $70 hoodies that they are selling at Pacsun and Urban Outfitters. I am honestly happy about Champion's comeback because they produce some really cute and retro clothing. It will be interesting to see the demand in the future for Champion.

  10. I always remembered seeing Champion clothing Walmart and thinking of them as a lesser brand because of it. So when people all around our school and other schools started wearing it, it caught my attention. This market to "hype beasts" has rally paid off for Champion because it seems like every teenager in our school owns at least 1 or 2 pieces of Champion clothing. Quite crazy how they made such a significant comeback in only a few years.

  11. Champion making a comeback to the modern day styles from its previously known “Walmart” brand is no surprise... if you wait long enough, everything comes back in style eventually. However, with Champion making a name for itself again, people are presented with more high quality fashion brands which also helps to create more competition in the economy. This is good because more options means that more people are likely to find something that they like and buy it, leading to more sales. This chain effect boosts the economy and also helps drive the free market ideals in the US.

  12. I agree that the resurgence of Champion has been a very unusual thing. You don't see many brands going from selling sweatshirts in Walmart for $5, all the way to being in stores like Champs and Pacsun and selling their hoodies for $80-$100. The re-marketing of their brand has been one of the best stories of 2017, and I don't seeing them slowing down either.

  13. For Champion to break out and have their sales increase as they become a "Hype" brand it doesn't surprise me. There are a lot of influencers on social media or on TV and as soon as someone famous wears something, it can break through. However, unlike a lot of people I can see them going downhill just as quickly as they emerged. Today people are wearing the latest and greatest just to be hype and cool. What's in today might not be high in demand after another release next week.


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