Thursday, February 22, 2018

Are We at Full Employment?

Are We at Full Employment?
Bella Dettlaff

We have reached Full Employment. As of 2018, the United States is arguably close to full employment for all citizens in America. When citizens and economists communicate on full employment, that doesn’t mean that you can cut unemployment to zero and that does not mean that everyone has a job. In that case, if unemployment falls too much then inflation will rise as employers will compete to hire workers and push up wages too fast. In other words, the real definition of full employment is that unemployment has fallen to the absolute lowest possible level that would not cause inflation.

According to the The Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report, it showed that for nearly about a full year straight, the unemployment rate has remained under 5%. That’s praiseworthy. This is considering the interesting fact that unemployment rate has exceeded 10% during the grand height of the recession. Now, in the recent days, some are saying the constant streak of low unemployment says that the country has reached a big post-recession goal: full employment, which many economists will define as the point where everyone who wants a job has one. This is then essentially, how economists ask whether this is as good as it gets for labor markets. But is America really there yet?

I believe that yes. Yes, the United States is currently at full employment. I believe that they should declare that we are in full employment or that we are at the optimal position. This is because there are economic consequences to calling it too early or too late but I believe that it is the correct time to call it. In theory it would occur when unemployment is as low as it could go. Like stated, the labor market is employing everyone, all citizens who wants to work, but the supply-and-demand dynamics have not yet shifted in a way that causes wages and prices to rise. As teengaers, it’s time to search for that after school, weekend job. This is because employers are willing and wanting to hire all who are willing to work and do their job. Us as teenagers and even citizens older than young adults should be searching for that job as employers will be willing to hire you. So although there has not been a full declaration of the full employment, the United states is there! Teenagers and all who want a job and are willing to work and do what has to be done, should. It’s the time.

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  1. This is a very interesting post, and I do have to agree that the United States is at full employment. I have noticed there are a lot of help wanted signs out. Businesses are needing more workers and this is a good thing because people are willing to work. More teenagers are willing to work and there are plenty of jobs out there. I like how you related it to this unit.

  2. I completely agree, the US is at full employment. This is optimal for the economy and the GDP. The fact that many jobs are available is good for us students that want to try out different jobs before we get a long-term job. Great post!

  3. While the United States being at full employment is great, some of the points you mentioned will be contradicted by president Trump. More than doubling minimum wage will force employers to lay off workers and cause the inflation to rise.


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