Monday, October 16, 2017



Kolton Osterman

Foxconn is the largest contract electronics maker in the world. They provide screens for almost all the phones and devices you see today. As a company they are continuing to look for other opportunities to  expand their company and open more locations across the globe. The major company was looking to open a building in southeastern Wisconsin but this has raised questions from all around to whether this would be a good decision or not.
There is no doubt that Foxconn coming into Wisconsin would create a giant increase in the supply of jobs by creating around one thousand jobs. The only problem with this is there is not a high demand of jobs in Wisconsin because the unemployment rate is around 3% meaning it will be very hard to fill all the jobs that foxconn is creating. Having a high supply and low demand will create a surplus in jobs and Foxconn will have a lot of empty slots.

On a good note, Foxconn in Wisconsin is easier access to the screens. America will spend less money shipping screens from Wisconsin than shipping them from other countries. There are not a lot of substitutes for device screens which means Foxconn would not have a problem trying to compete with other companies which is beneficial for creating a new location. Around 77% of Americans own a smartphone and this number is continually growing. Foxconn is a complement to the phone companies because the more phones that are sold, the more screens Foxconn is going to sell. A location in the U.S. would do well because the demand for smartphones is high which would make any complements demand be high as well, which is good for a company like Foxconn that is trying to expand and open new locations.

While they are continuing to fight for a new location in the state of Wisconsin, there are arguments are arising if letting Foxconn in the U.S. is really a good idea. By relocating it would increase the supply of jobs and create huge sales because of the high demand for smartphones and other devices. But they would be creating jobs in the state that people might not need as well as create stress for those who are in the area of construction.

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  1. I noticed you talked a lot about some issues that could come up but how big of an impact do you think it will outweigh the good it will bring. Wisconsin has a very low unemployment rate so how will they be able to fill all of the jobs. It is possible that the surrounding states will have to contribute employees and then provide a way of transportation for those who can't make the commute. Overall I think that FOXCONN will help the state and provide a lot of opportunity but I don't know what kind of negatives it will have.

  2. I completely agree that Foxconn will have a positive impact on the economy but like you mentioned it is creating jobs when jobs are really not needed because of Wisconsin's unemployment that is a problem. I however don't think it will be Foxconn that will have a lack of employees. When Foxconn opens in Wisconsin it will attract workers at other manufacturing jobs that will want to work there because of their higher wages.

  3. I agree with your statements regarding how the moving of FoxConn to the Southeastern Wisconsin region will benefit the greater-Milwaukee area by providing a much-needed flow of investment and increase in quantity of blue collar employment opportunities. This will be a very welcomed event as Milwaukee has recently been experiencing a long-term shortage of manufacturing jobs and other related jobs as companies have been moving out of state. As long as the company respects worker-rights concerns expressed by some politicians and policymakers, the opportunity should be interpreted as incredibly positive for Wisconsin.


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