Thursday, December 10, 2015

Online Shopping: Yay or Nay

Online Shopping Yay or Nay?
Online Shopping vs. Shopping in Stores
online vs. in-store shopping.jpg How many people would prefer online shopping vs. physically driving to a store and buying items? For me, I prefer both. I don’t like staying in the house. I actually like trying on what I buy first, because if something doesn’t fit I have to find time actually go back and exchange it and hopefully they still have the same product. As time continues to move forward there is a higher demand for technology. When there’s online and in-store shopping if one has a shortage of the item, somewhere else will have the product.

bargraph.pngpie chart.png  holiday comparision.png

[Online]Reading and understanding the pictures above online shopping is growing. The change in supply increased by the changes of technology, and the change in other goods. But are there really changes in other goods? With online shopping you’re paying for shipment and if it’s wrong then more money you have to send I believe the stores that you could find to shop in-stores made an investment and went online to increase its demand on their products. If we lived in an expansionary policy world where we always would have taxes cut and increasing government spending we would all be gaining, This would probably help in-store shoppers move because usually cheaper online, plus it’s easy access to look up products you would like to purchase then not paying for a huge tax for an item.
[In-Store] Reading and understanding the pictures above in-store shopping is increased but slower than online shopping. With stores they all have proportional taxes when in-store shopping. No matter on your income the tax on the items remain all the same. When shopping in stores there would be less taxes due to stop paying for shipment. This would require a tradeoff because you have to pay for gas to get you to the stores. Pros with in-store shopping are; “shopping in-store can be a fun social event that can bring people closer together, you can [also] immediately discern the quality of an item, you can always ask for someone else’s opinion on how you look in something, and you can get your item waiting required” (“Persad”).

After observing and assessing the research that I’ve found, I would prefer to in-store shopping because it’s a good way to get out the house and to try on the clothes he or she wants to purchase. No matter what online and in-store businesses would have to agree on an price meeting equilibrium so almost everyone is happy. It was stated in the article that customers are researching about the products they are willing to purchases either online or in stores. Also “mobile devices drives foot traffic to stores” which means, finding the store that fits for your budget and also finding the correct product you wanted in different stores (“Ramaswamy”).

Which do I prefer? I still consider on doing both because they are both taking risk when you use your credit card. Some items are better to shop in person for, like refrigerators, or clothes. Online is good for items likes; purses, make up, phone cases especially when you’re phone isn’t the most popular. I just ordered phones cases off of Amazon and I’m waiting for them now. I also bought a lot of items in stores, it’s a littler better shopping for perfume in stores so you can smell it before buying it, online can tell you what it smells like but that doesn’t mean it’s up to your par. Using all this research and based on your preference which one would you pick over the other.

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  1. Personally, I prefer things baggier, so checking the online measurements and purchasing clothes that way is easy for me. Also, my style isn't sold in stores near me, so I don't have much of a choice when it comes to where to shop. The trade off that I have to make with that is not knowing if i'll get a large that is way bigger than an average America medium, even after checking the measurements. People in Korea are much thinner than here, so their large is pretty small still. But, a good point made in here is that you really don't know when a lot of things will fit, so in store shopping may be the best, even though you do pay for gas on the way there. I almost don't know how to answer the question which one is better, since it all depends on the person. Great post overall.

  2. This caught my attention because I've found myself doing a lot more online shopping recently. When it comes to clothes shopping, I can swing either way, online or in-store. I just ordered some Christmas clothes form Kohl's, I did it online because I know that Kohl's small stuff almost always fits me right and it would come in good quality. Also, the store might not have had the design that i liked.

  3. Personally I like to online shop. It is so nice to buy things from the comfort of your own home and not fight the crowds. I also do agree with you that clothing shopping for yourself is a lot better in store due to the fact of being able to try it on before buying. Although buying online really makes life simpler.

  4. Around the holidays the demand for online shopping goes up. especially after cyber Monday. because you access almost every store at the touch of a button, consumers tend to go with the easier choice of how to purchase things. Online shopping has opportunity costs, consumers do not need to spend money on gas, and can shop in the comfort of their own home. the months of november and December the quantity demanded increases, therefore the stores supply more of the goods. I don't online shop often, but it is convenient

  5. I would agree that I would prefer going shopping in physical stores instead of going online. Like you said if it doesn't fit then you need to return it back to the store or go to the store anyways to exchange it. I think going to store gets rid of that extra step of having to return something if it doesn't work. From a stores perspective I think it would be really beneficial to have people come to the store and while they are there they can look at other items as well.

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