Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Googan Squad

Cameron Maderski
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Googan Squad

When you think about people who fish for a living the only thing that probably comes to mind is Bass Pro Shops or a big bass boat that is covered in sponsors and depending on how much you like the sport you might even know a few pros. Over the past year, a group of YouTubers has put a whole new spin on what it means to be a full-time fisherman. YouTube has allowed a group of 4 guys to
completely change the game by making fishing videos of their own and making their living off of the views and sponsors they get from each video. Each person involved has their own channel but they call their group the Googan Squad and together they have changed the fishing market.

The demand for fishing videos has exploded for the Googan Squad over the past year and the group now has a combined 2.2 million subscribers. They don’t just make how-to videos and it has taken years to grow but the supply of quality fishing/videos is mostly made up of 4 Youtubers. They do not just make their money off of views due to the recent sponsors from Favorite Fishing and Mystery Tackle Box. These two brands help fund for some of their biggest trips and equipment to help them create good content while the promotion featured in their videos supports the businesses themselves. Favorite Fishing is a brand that makes rods and reels and some small accessories and Mystery Tackle Box is a company that sends you a box full of baits every month and the kinds of lures they send can be catered to your style of fishing. They also have videos on how to use the baits they send and some tips to help you out. There is one true adult in the group who is an Army veteran but the other three guys all dropped out of college to chase their dreams and do what they love. The risk truly paid off with the guys all living in a sponsored mansion and currently just got a new line of their own custom fishing rods into Cabelas.

Aside from sponsors and views from their videos, each member of the Googan Squad has started their own individual business in which they create products to solve issues they find while fishing or hunting as well as creating merchandise for their fans. Some of their products include a custom spinning and baitcast combo, fishing backpacks, waterfowl equipment, and clothes like hats shirts jackets and coats. Youtube is not their only source of profit and the greater they grow the more they can expand their resources to keep their consumers and fans happy.
Together a small group of guys was able to create a new demand for youtube by tapping into the fishing community. They also showed they you don’t need to be a pro to become a full-time angler and the inspiration they use in their videos helps them continue to draw in more and more viewers.

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  1. I think it's interesting that there are different factors that cause shifts in the market; they effect production too. Dropping out of college to chase what you love to do is risky, especially in this time where everyone thinks it's the most important thing and if you don't go you won't amount to anything. In lieu of their decisions, it may inspire a few others to do the same, and the views on the fishing videos could decrease from discouragement. It's a different way to look at things, because it's more about the money made; not the money it costs for that many views. Each marginal product is the determinate, they need views or the pay would be less.


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