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Black Friday Shopping Sales 2017

Sara Hoffmann

Black Friday Shopping Sales 2017

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year because it’s the kick off of the holiday season and there are great holiday bargains. This season is crucial for the economy because around 30% of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas. Image result for black friday 2017
With so many people going into these stores to shop, there are more job opportunities for people which will help create marginal benefits for people who are in need of a job. Stores increase the demand of their goods, because of the increase in demand, the supply curve will also shift as well.

In 2017, the number of people visiting stores on Black Friday and Thanksgiving fell 4% from 2016. At the same time, online sales rose 18%. Sales hit a record of $7.9 billion, 40% of these purchases were done from mobile phones.  Image result for black friday 2017 trends
Online shopping had a negative effect on in-store shopping this year, but from the consumer’s eyes, the opportunity cost of online shopping is less than taking time to shop in the stores. Mobile shopping has become an increasingly popular way for consumers to discover and buy products. Adobe reported that Black Friday holiday e-commerce revenue reached $5.03 billion.
Black Friday deals are the best deals to get during the holiday season. Everyone is purchasing different items that are priced at great bargains. Top-selling items that were bought is apparel, houseware, accessories, and shoes.

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  1. I feel that great deals can occur at any time of the year. It just all depends on what you are shopping for. For example if I wanted a mac book air laptop then I would get it on Black Friday. Because I know the deals on would be better than on any other day. If I wanted something from pink then I could get it at any point in time because they always have sales going on. Pink and Victorias Secret both have 2 major sales a year one in the winter and summer. It is called the semi annual sale where you can great items. But over all shopping for great deals just comes down to what you want to buy.

  2. This year for black Friday shopping I placed everything that I wanted to purchase the day before so I could already have everything in my online shopping cart. Then on Black Friday I noticed that all the original prices increased but the discount also increased to make it seem like there's a huge discount but really it was cheaper the day before. I'm not sure if this is true for all stores but I'm surprised I haven't caught on to this before. It is pretty smart for businesses to do though to gain more customers but it actually is a rip off because it's cheaper any regular day. From now on I'm going to maintain my routine of putting everything in my cart before hand and pay attention to the prices the next day. Some stores do apply the black Friday deals online so this is an example of a situation I encountered for the stores that have those deals online.

  3. When I went black shopping this year, I noticed how many less people there were than last year due to the increase in demand for the cyber Monday products. Many of my family members told me on Thanksgiving how they ordered the items online ahead of time to avoid the lines and they still got great deals. However, I noticed how stores started having deals that are only good for in store in order to get more people into their brick and mortar stores.


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